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Rob Rocks!

Long live the RoB!

Okay you morons.

Obviously since most of you are all too retarded to look, this movie was made 3 friggin years ago. It came before ebaumsworld, funny junk, etc. Sure it was a .wav stolen from napster. I don't think very many of the flash movies don't have a song stolen from a file sharing program. This movie wasn't stolen from ebaums or funny junk, those 2 stole it from here. And for awhile this movie was rated #4.

The movie is funny, thats why it was rated high, regardless of the actual quality, and quite frankly its a better movie than the other spin offs with stick figures.

Great movie

It was overall a good movie, just remember not to make some cheesy endings like Jax's, Kanos and Subzero's but those were like the only real bad ones. The one with Kabal made me laugh the most. The kung lao one had a good start but, it would've been a lot funnier seeing a screen of warcraft scene about kung lao "owning" him and say Fatality at the end. I can't wait for smokes ending keep up the good work!

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Great game

Finnaly, a good game that overlapped the ever-so-annoying XIAO XIAO #3. It was very well put together. ...Last level par 2? in that hard of a level? it took me 10 shots to finnally do it. great game though.

It's Great!

This is actually one of the few Dress-up Dolls that I've played where you can have fun without Undressing them in the first second. Just think of, rather than making a dress-up Bulma, Make a 'Make Your own Anime Character'. Where you can make your anime character by different hairs/WardRobes/Facial things. You know, Perverticy doesnt have to be the only great aspect(although its a plus) of a Dress-Up Doll. Make more!

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